What Is Iris Analysis?

The science and practice of Iridology is performed by analyzing several components of the eye to take a deeper look into your health. Iris analysis doesn’t just provide us insight into your overall health. It can also alert your physician to chronic inflammation throughout the body. By taking a deeper look into your eyes, the team at NHIC helps patients get a more comprehensive, less invasive checkup.

Benefits of Iris Analysis

The iris is the most complex external structure of the human anatomy. Analyzing the iris can provide doctors with essential information about your overall health.

Our Iris Analysis services:

  • Alert our doctor to the presence of tissue
    inflammation in the body
  • Identify nutritional deficiencies
  • Tell us where tissue inflammation is located and what stage it has reached
  • Provide insight into herbal remedies and whole food supplements that can aid healing
  • Reveal constitutional strength, inherited weaknesses, and transitions that take place in your organs and tissues
  • Aid in more rapid and accurate analysis of your health problems
  • Tell us how you eat, drink, think, feel, and live
  • Detect health issues before symptoms even begin

More Service We Offer

The Heart Sound Recorder is a low-risk general wellness device designed to assess the heart’s nutritional status by generating graphs of heart sounds.

Heart Sound

BioEnergetix WelINES System scans the body to identify distortions and blockages of the body field to discover the root causes of physical problems.

Wellness System

Functional Endocrinology creates a natural balance between all of the endocrine glands.


Applied Kinesiology allows our naturopaths to look deeper into your nutritional, neurological, structural, and emotional wellbeing.


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They say that if you look carefully into someone’s eyes, you find the gateway to their soul. What if we told you that we could look deep into your eyes to reveal all the details we need to create a plan to improve your health and well-being? With iris analysis, NHIC does just that. Schedule your appointment and get a closer look at your health.