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Introducing Grayson

I had been told since I was 23 that I would have trouble conceiving and if I did, I’d more than likely miscarry or have to be on total hospital bed rest for the majority of the pregnancy. This bombshell was dropped on me by a gynecologist whom I was referred to after my regular gynecologist discovered through a routine yearly exam that I had stage one cervical cancer. The doctor performed surgery number two and informed me that I had less than a third of my cervix left therefore giving me the devastating news.

My body didn’t handle the stress of the cancer well and I continued to get sick even though the doctors said I should be on my way back to normal health. I was hospitalized for 13 days and finally given the diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis just 4 short months after the cancer diagnosis. This new diagnosis came with a strict diet and prescription meds that I was told I would need to be on for the rest of my life in order to not suffer from malnutrition and possible death. I was also told that I couldn’t take the meds while pregnant and should consider other routes to parenthood if that was a path I wanted to go down.

Fast forward for years and two more diagnoses were made, type two diabetes and Hashimoto’s thyroid disease. I was what I thought at the time a healthy 27-year-old female however my increasing number of specialists said otherwise but couldn’t offer me an explanation for why my health seemed to continue this downward spiral or any way to resolve it. All they could offer was another prescription to counter the symptoms!

I met my husband in January 2007 and was very upfront from the beginning about my health issues including the grave news I had been given about having children. My husband is very naturally minded and convinced me to see a naturopath that an employee in “the vitamin shoppe” recommended. We had recently become engaged and we’re in the beginning stages of planning our destination wedding. However, my husband said the expenses of the naturopath were worth it if we could get my health back.

When we walked into Dr. Wells office for our first appointment I was truly filled with skepticism,I had eight forms I was supposed to have filled out before I arrived, but I didn’t! Based on the past doctors appointments, I really felt doubtful; not just for the fact that this new process was so different, but because I had been trying for so long, I just couldn’t recapture my hope. I arrived with only enough time to walk back to his consultation room and only handed Dr. Wells my signed approval for, what was referred to, as a nutrition response test. But as far as all the other information… Surveys and questions, I conveniently told him I would fill the rest of my paperwork out in the lobby and give it to him before I left the building that day.

My skepticism quickly vanished when he named not one, not two, but all my issues which were consistent with the diagnosis without ever looking at my paperwork! He said he didn’t know why I wouldn’t be able to carry a child!

Grayson Continued…

Whoah, wait… this is the first doctor in 10 years that has told me that there was in fact a chance that my dream of becoming a mother was not only possible but would eventually happen if I followed my supplemental regimen after addressing some scarring issues that he concluded were blocking my immune system from working properly. I, of course, followed the recommended plan!

We continued to see Dr.Wells throughout our engagement and saw much improvement in my health. Once married, we were ready to start trying for a baby; ‘age / time was not on our side.’ Lots of prayers and 9 weeks of trying… I was PREGNANT!!! I was immediately classified by my ob/gyn as high risk due to my cancer in 2003. We were warned by a maternal fetal specialist that the only way we would know if I had an incompetent cervix, would be if I miscarried or not. We continue to have ultrasounds every 2 weeks throughout the first 28 weeks of pregnancy to check the length of my cervix and to determine if a Cerciage would be necessary.

At 14 weeks we found out we were being blessed with a boy. That night while we were lying in bed contemplating baby names my husband looked at me and without skipping a beat suggested that “Michael” be his middle name to honor the ONLY doctor that ever told us without a doubt that parenthood could be a reality.

After 39 weeks, 6 days a beautiful healthy 9 lb 5 oz, 20 ¼ inch, organically grown baby boy was born. We give thanks to God for Dr.Wells and for allowing us to be the parents to our amazingly healthy son, Grayson Michael!!