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Leverage your body’s natural healing abilities with a holistic approach to medicine that balances the mind, body, and spirit for total wellness. Our innovative therapies are used as individual treatments or as part of a coordinated wellness program to improve your overall health.

The Heart Sound Recorder is a low-risk general wellness device designed to assess the heart’s nutritional status by generating graphs of heart sounds.

Heart Sound

BioEnergetix WelINES System scans the body to identify distortions and blockages of the body field to discover the root causes of physical problems.

Wellness System

Functional Endocrinology creates a natural balance between all of the endocrine glands.


Applied Kinesiology allows our naturopaths to look deeper into your nutritional, neurological, structural, and emotional wellbeing.


The science and practice of Iridology is performed by analyzing several components of the eye to take a deeper look into your health.


Transforming Lives with
Whole-Body Health

At the Natural Health Improvement Center, we offer a personalized approach to health and wellness to help patients achieve better results. Using Functional Medicine, we get to the root cause of your health problems to help you regain balance and harness the power of your body’s healing abilities.

We focus on whole-body health, supporting the mind and body simultaneously through holistic therapy and supplement support. Using innovative techniques, we help clients create a new lifestyle that cultivates healthy and mindful living.

Health is a
way of life.

Nutrition, when adequately understood, includes every aspect of your lifestyle. Our wellness care and lifestyle education provides all of our clients the knowledge and resources to build their immune systems and optimize their health and well-being.

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